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Rule4 Adds Value to Every Project

Every single day on the job, the Rule4 crews work hard to maintain our reputation as a leader in the industry. Our approach is direct and straightforward, our point people communicate clearly and with integrity. Rule4 is the commercial  contractor you can count on to add value every time.
Expert Project Management: Each Rule4 project manager supervises both paint and drywall, and they’re on the job site every day. Equipped with smartphones, our managers can connect and collaborate wherever they are; their round-the-clock accessibility gets your questions answered immediately.

Quick Estimates Guaranteed: Rule4 answers nonstandard bid requests within 24 hours, and responds to estimates for new projects within 4 days.



Construction by the Rules

At Rule4, we believe in delivering great value on every project, and that means giving you high quality at a good price. It doesn’t mean that we’re always the lowest price, but we’re always the best price for value received.
Our “no surprises” philosophy means we do what we say. Once we’ve agreed on a price, we’ll stick to it as long as the project doesn’t expand. And when we commit to a schedule, we stick to the schedule.
When you have a question, we know you need an answer. Tha’’s why there’s always a real person on the other end of the line at Rule4. We think there’s no better way to show that we’re here for you.
A project is not complete until every detail is finished. If something on your punch list has not been addressed, the job’s not done. When we’ve finished every service and installed every part to your satisfaction, then it’s done. seal